Int. J. of Comp. & Info. Tech. (2013), 1(1):01-83.

Note: All papers are changing to the new format, and will be uploaded as soon as.

Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2013



Hyperbolic Voronoi Diagram: A Fast Method

Zahra Nilforoushan * , Ali Mohadesm, Amin Gheibi, Sina Khakabi


pp. 01-11


A Note on the 3-Sum Problem

Keivan Borna* , Zahra Jalalian


pp. 12-23


Modeling the Competitive Facility Location Problem in a Symmetric Arena

 Marzieh Eskandar*


pp. 24-36


A Hybrid Facility Location Problem Class

Mohammadbager Safari* , Saeid Sadri


pp. 37- 46


Designing an Expert system to diagnose and treat ear illnesses

Mohammad Rostami* , Samaneh Dezhdar



pp. 47-59

Improved Teaching Learning Based Optimization (ITLBO) Algorithm For Solving Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem

K. Lenin, Dr.B.Ravindranath Reddy ,Dr.M.Surya Kalavathi



pp. 60-74

Designing an Expert System to Diagnose and Propose about Therapy of Leukemia

Armin Ghasem Azar *, Zohreh Mohammad Alizadeh



pp. 75-83