Int. J. of Comp. & Info. Tech. (2013), 1(2): 84-185. 

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Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2013



Concept of Resistant to Electromagnetic Disturbances Prototype of Measuring Points System Located in Production Cells Based on RFID Selective Gate Technology

M. Łobaziewicz*, A. Maćkowiak , K. Sieczkarek


pp. 84-96


Tiling a Rectangular Area Using a Set of Unique Squares

Jalal Khairabadi*, Bahram Sadeghi Bigham, Rebvar Hosseini, Zohreh Mohammad Alizadeh


pp. 97-105


Determinants of a Successful Migration to Cloud Computing in Iranian Telecommunication Industry

Azadeh Erfan*


pp. 106-117


Comparing and Applying the Approach of Supply Chain in Electronic Services Management

Hoda Ghavamipoor*, S.Alireza Hashemi Golpayegani


pp. 118-138


Evaluation of Cancer Classification Using Combined Algorithms with Support Vector Machines

Mahnaz Rafie*, Ali Broumandnia



pp. 139-148

Dynamic Group Digital Signature Based on Fractal Sets According to Text Content

HamidReza Biabani*, Narges Biabani, MohammadAli Jebreil Jamali, Shahin Akbarpour, Hassan Biabani



pp. 149-166

Proposing an Effective Approach Based on Input-Output, Pre-condition and Requested Service Parameters, for Detecting Semantic Web Services

Mohammad Rostami*, Iman Attarzadeh, Hossein Beigi Harchegani



pp. 167-185