Int. J. of Comp. & Info. Tech. (2013), 1(3):186-272.

An International and Professional Journal in the Areas of Computer Since, Engineering and Information Technologies. 


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Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2013



Scheduling Container Movements per Crane in Train-Train Transshipment Terminals Using Simulated Annealing

Sam Heshmati*, Maria Antónia Carravilla, José Fernando Oliveira


pp. 186-197


An Accurate Classification Algorithm with Genetic Algorithm Approach

Yeganeh Madadi*, Mohammad Ebrahim Shiri Ahmadabadi, Yaghoot Madadi


pp. 198-210


Novel and Tunable Method for Skin Detection Based on Hybrid Color Space and Color Statistical Features

Reza Azad*, Hamidreza Shayegh Boroujeni


pp. 211-219


Recognition of Handwritten Persian/Arabic Numerals Based on Robust Feature Set and K-NN Classifier

Reza Azad*, Fatemeh Davami, Hamidreza Shayegh Boroujeni


pp. 220-230


Color Image Segmentation Using Self Organizing Map Artificial Neural Network

Saeid Pashazadeh*, Masume Kheyri



pp. 231-241

Faulty Sensor Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks

Majid shababi*, Hamid shababi, Siyavash hosseinpoor feshki, Mehdi sadeghian



pp. 242-253

League Championship Algorithm (LCA) for Solving Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem

K. Lenin* , Dr.B.Ravindranath Reddy,Dr.M.Surya Kalavathi



pp. 254-272