Int. J. of Comp. & Info. Tech. (2015), 3(3): 726-807.

An International and Professional Journal in the Areas of Computer Since, Engineering and Information Technologies.


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Volume 3, Issue 3, August 2015




Mohamed Ahmed Alamein *,Wilson Jeberson


Improving Multi Task Running Time in Two Column Boundary Allocation Method in Mesh-based Chip Multiprocessors Using Combined Migration Mechanisms

Akram Reza*,  Mahnaz Rafie

  pp. 726-742




  pp. 743- 755



A Flexible Enterprise Architecture Management Method (FEAM)

Babak Darvish Rouhani*, Zeinab Dehghan, Reza Mohamaddoust, Mahsa Nazari


 Road Detection from Satellite Images Using Image Mining

Fereshteh Massoumi, Mahdi Afzali* 


Students’ Digital Literacy: Role and Possible Impacts

Akram Madadi*, Atefeh Abbaszadeh  Ghomi, Adeleh Ale Hesny Kiakalayeh


Examination of the Effect of Acquisition and Application of Professional Information and Knowledge in Promoting Life Insurance Marketing

Mostafa Jafari*, Maedeh Bayat, Abuzar  Habibi




 pp. 756- 773



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 pp. 789- 807