Int. J. of Comp. & Info. Tech. (2016), 4(4): 01-136.

An International and Professional Journal in the Areas of Computer Since, Engineering and Information Technologies. 


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Volume 04, Issue 04, November 2016



A Decreasing Max-Min Approach for Hiding Informative Association Rules

 Zohreh Rostamkhani, M. T. Taghavifard


A Survey on Genetic Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem

Ayda Khoramrouz


A Survey on Safe Data Delivery Methods in Vehicles Ad Hoc Network (VANET)

Fereshteh Khedmati, Shahram Jamali


An Overview on the Methods of Disseminating Information in VANET

Fereshteh Khedmati, Shahram Jamali



Measuring Customer Value and Credit Risk Management Decision using Artificial Neural Network

Reza Shah’savari, Hassan Rashidi Heram Abadi


Presenting New Solutions for Discovering Source in the Grid Networks based on the Genetic Algorithms and Tree Structure

Bagher Alboghobeish, Mohammad Reza Noorei Meher , Mashallah Abbassi Dezfooli



 A Symmetric Tasks Scheduling Algorithm Based on PSO in Cloud Computing

Naghme Dashti , Nastaran Avaznia



Products Recommendation System in E-Commerce Using Generalized Sequential Pattern

Mohsen Dindar, Shahram Jamali


Survey of Detecting Fraud in Automobile Insurance Using Data Mining Techniques

Leila Goleiji * ,Mohammad Jafar Tarokh


Classification of Bank Customers Using the Neural Network Algorithm for Credit Risk

Reza Shah’savari, Hassan Rashidi Heram Abadi*



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